Hostinger vs Bluehost: Which Web Host is the Best for you?

Hostinger and Bluehost are two web hosting giants. Today, we’ll put them in front of each other. By the end of this Hostinger vs Bluehost comparison, you’ll get to know which web host you should use!

Let’s dive right in!

Hostinger is our winner!

It offers more features, and it is more affordable than Bluehost, making it great for people just starting out. Find out more below!

Bluehost vs Hostinger: Shared Hosting Features


bluehost homepage

Bluehost is one of the most reputed web hosts in the world. They are officially recommended by

Some of their features on shared hosting plans are:

  • 1 – Unlimited Websites
  • 50 – Unlimited GB SSD Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Subdomains
  • Malware Scans


hostinger homepage

Hostinger offers some pretty great features on their shared hosting plans too. Here they go:

  • 1 – 100 Websites
  • 10 – 100 GB SSD Storage
  • Free Emails
  • Free SSL
  • Google Ads Advertising Credits
  • 100 GB – Unlimited Bandwith
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • Subdomains
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

It is difficult to draw any conclusions just by looking at the feature lists. They both offer pretty similar and a large number of features. Therefore, this round is a tie!

Winner: Tie

Hostinger vs Bluehost: Hosting Plans

Let’s have a look at the different types of web hosting that Hostinger and Bluehost offer.


  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS
  • Dedicated Server Hosting
  • Managed WordPress
  • Woocommerce Hosting
  • Email Hosting


  • Shared Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • VPS
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Minecraft Hosting
  • Email Hosting

As we can see above, both the hosts offer 6 different hosting plans for different needs. Bluehost doesn’t have Cloud and Minecraft hosting whereas Hostinger doesn’t offer E-Commerce and Dedicated hosting.

Winner: Tie

Bluehost vs Hostinger: Pricing and Upsells

Now comes the important part. Pricing. Both the web hosts are very affordable and their pricing for shared hosting is below:


hostinger vs bluehost pricing

If you sign up for a 12-month contract with Bluehost, you’ll pay $5.95/month. But, the $5.95/month pricing is only for the first year. After that, you’ll have to pay $10 per month. This isn’t super expensive but when you are just starting it is more than what you might be willing to spend.

To maximize your discounts sign up for a 36-month plan by using this link. If you buy web hosting with my link you’ll get a discount and it will cost you only $3/month.


hostinger pricing

Hostinger has plans costing just $0.99/month. That’s quite affordable.

But that will happen if you sign up for a 48-month contract. If you sign up for a 12-month contract, then it will cost you $3/month. That is still better than what Bluehost has to offer. For just $36, you get a whole year of web hosting!

If you sign up using my link, you’ll get additional discounts!

Click here to buy web hosting from Hostinger

Winner: Hostinger

Bluehost vs Hostinger: Ease of use


bluehost dashboard

Bluehost offers an easy-to-use dashboard. It’s modern-looking and easy to use. For advanced users, it even offers cPanel Access.

Bluehost goes one step further and has a dedicated dashboard in your WordPress admin for managing your site.

Along with that, you also get one-click WordPress Installations.


hostinger dashboard

Hostinger isn’t behind too. It offers a custom hPanel.

The dashboard is well-designed and pretty easy to use. Overall, Hostinger makes the process of creating a website very easy.

They also offer a custom website builder called Zyro for creating websites, and for WordPress users, there are one-click WordPress installations.

Winner: Tie

Bluehost vs Hostinger: Support


Bluehost offers many support options. It is great for beginners as their response time remains very short. Here are the support options they offer:

  • Live Chat
  • Phone Support
  • Knowledgebase

The live chat offered by Bluehost is blazing fast. The support agent responds immediately making it great for newbies or people wanting quick answers!

But the downside is that sometimes the support agent gives irrelevant answers to simple questions too.


Hostinger’s support options are less compared to Bluehost. Hostinger only offers live chat support. Other than that they have a big knowledge base and a well-maintained blog.

Hostinger’s response times are on the higher side. They sometimes take a minute or sometimes an hour. However, Hostinger’s support agents provide good answers.

Winner: Bluehost

Bluehost vs Hostinger: Performance and Uptime

Performance and uptime are the most important factors to consider when choosing a web host.

Performance is the speed, and uptime is the time for which the web host’s services are continued uninterrupted.


Here are the server response times for Bluehost:

  • Jan 2021: 771 ms
  • Dec 2020: 698 ms
  • Nov 2020: 655 ms
  • Oct 2020: 670 ms

Here are the uptime stats for Bluehost over 5 months from September 2020 to January 2021:

bluehost uptime


The server response times for Hostinger are:

  • Jan 2021: 346 ms
  • Dec 2020: 426 ms
  • Nov 2020: 518 ms
  • Oct 2020: 531 ms

Here are the uptime statistics for Hostinger:

hostinger uptime

Winner: Tie as Bluehost has better uptime but Hostinger is better in terms of performance

Pros and Cons: Hostinger vs Bluehost



  • Reputed company. Recommended by WordPress
  • Pretty good uptime
  • Many support options
  • Offers one-click WP installs
  • Unmetered bandwidth on cheaper plans too


  • Performance is slow
  • Sometimes support agents don’t give relevant answers



  • Cheapest Web Hosting Available
  • Performance is great
  • One-Click WP installs available
  • Lots of different types of hosting
  • Easy to use, custom and intuitive dashboard called hPanel


  • Support response times are slow
  • Uptime is a bit unreliable

Additional Features of Hostinger and Bluehost


Bluehost also provides domain registration and email hosting, along with its web hosting services. With email hosting, Bluehost gives you access to Microsoft Outlook, MS Office, and 1 TB of OneDrive storage!

Pricing starts at $3/per license/per month.


Hostinger also provides Domain Registration, Email Hosting and a Website Builder. Hostinger offers Google Workspace Email Hosting which starts at $6/per user/per month.

Winner: Tie

Xplorers of Fun Final
A huge thanks to Crazy Egg for putting together this infographic for this website.


There you are. Both Hostinger and Bluehost scored equal in this comparison. They both offer similar features at an affordable price.

Personally, I prefer Hostinger over Bluehost and they are the web host that I recommend.

Now, I would like to ask you:

1) Which web host do you, Hostinger or Bluehost?

2) How’s your experience been with them!

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