PrePostSEO Review: Is this SEO Tool a SCAM?!

If you have an online business, then doing proper SEO or Search Engine Optimization is very important and essential.

You would also need proper SEO tools to carry out these tasks. PrePostSEO is a promising suite of online tools, and today in this PrePostSEO Review we shall be finding out if this tool is worth it or not!

What is PrePost SEO?

PrePostSEO is a growing company from Pakistan that provides multiple SEO tools to help you out with the process.

User Interface

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The interface of any tool is super important as that is what defines how we interact with the tool. Having an easy-to-use interface maximizes your chances of having a great experience.

When it comes to this website, it’s easy to navigate and use and all the tools are listed on the page for easy access.

The only problem with the design is that this website has a lot of advertisements which is very distracting.

Helpful SEO Tools In PrePostSEO

PrePostSEO has a ton of tools (95+ to be exact) and it’s not possible to review all of them.

But, here are the reviews of the four most popular tools being their Plagiarism Checker, Paraphrasing Tool, DA and PA Checker, and Text Summarizer.

Plagiarism Checker

PrePostSEO provides a plagiarism checker that scans your text and compares it with other content published on the internet.

Plagiarism is a huge problem and can damage your rankings in Google. Hence, it’s important to make sure that your content is original and this tool helps with that.

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You can enter your text in the given text input box and then the tool shall check the text for you. Some of its top features are:

Fast And Accurate Results

It provides fast and highly accurate results giving the percentages of plagiarized and unique content.

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It underlines the paraphrased and plagiarized lines with a red and orange color.

Report Generation

You can check your content and get a PDF report of the result which you can save on your local device or Google Drive.

Citing Resources

This tool shall help you know which website’s content does your content match. Moreover, you can add citations with the respective text when needed.

With this tool, you can check up to 1000 words for free. You’ll need to sign up with them to check more words. Table

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You can also check the originality of articles using this originality checker app.

Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphrasing is the process of using synonyms in your content to make it more readable and to give it greater clarity. This tool helps exactly with that.

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Some of its top features are:

Multi Paraphrasing

This tool comes with different paraphrasing modes to suit your own tone.

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Synonyms Re-Changer:

This tool acts like a synonyms re-changer as it underlines the paraphrased words. You can click on the underlined words to further change the synonyms of the text.

DA PA Checker

A DA/PA Checker is an online tool provided by PrePostSEO to check the domain/page authority of your text.

Domain Authority and Page Authority allow you to measure the authority of a website and to estimate its chance of ranking in Google.

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Check Multiple URLs

This domain authority checker is very efficient in checking a wide range of domain URLs.

It can check 500 URLs at a time.

Gives Extra Features:

It provides extra features along with DA such as spam score, IP address, and pages in Google.

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Text Summarizer

On the web, writing short and concise posts which clearly convey your message to the reader is very important. This tool allows you to summarize your long content into short and digestible posts.

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Put your preferred text into the input box and click on the summarize button the get the best summary.

The features are:

Fix The Summary Percentage

Your long text can be reduced to a specific length depending upon the number of words you specify while summarizing.

Analyze Your Text

You can get the analysis of your text by setting the bullet points option. Likewise, you can also set the ranking of your text to see the best lines in your text.

Along with online SEO tools, PrePostSEO also provides some extensions to your favorite tools.

PrePostSEO extensions:

Chrome extensions are very popular these days because they allow you to do so much while just surfing the web!

You can get chrome extensions of PrePostSEO tools to perform different SEO-related functions without opening the website.

It gives a complete package under one extension as it contains many tools embedded inside it.

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These extensions are completely free and you can get them by opening the website and clicking on the extensions option.

Some important tools in these extensions are:

  1. DA PA Checker extension
  2. SEO Score checker extension
  3. Domain Age checker extension and many more.

Is PrePostSEO Accurate?

According to my research, PrePostSEO is quite accurate. The data that you get is closely analyzed and you can expect very high accuracy.


PrePostSEO has free versions of their tools, but to remove limits and get more data and features, you’ll have to upgrade to the paid plans. The pricing starts at $10/month or $50/year and goes till $45/month and $350/year.

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Wrapping up

PrePostSEO is a good platform for free online SEO tools. This tool doesn’t have as much data as some other professional tool like Ahrefs would provide, but it is very good for performing short and quick tasks.

These tools can be really helpful if you are on a budget. I hope that this post helped you to identify whether PrePostSEO is worth it for you or not!

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