SE Ranking review: Is it the best SEO tool? (2021)

When it comes to SEO, an all-round SEO tool is very important. One such extremely helpful tool is SE Ranking. SE Ranking is an All-in-One SEO Software which is what the company says.

I have reviewed them and I found some amazing and some shocking things and I have listed them in this NEW review. Today I’ll tell you :

  • What the software is all about
  • SE Ranking Rank Tracker Tool
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Backlink Analysis Tool
  • Competitive Research
  • Website Audit
  • White Label Tools
  • Pricing
  • How it fares against other top SEO Tools like SEMRush
  • What I liked about it and what not
  • Final Verdict

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What is SE Ranking

SE Ranking is an SEO Software used to track your rankings over the SERPs. It is a cloud-based software that offers a suite of SEO Tools for SEO Professionals and newbies.

It has various tools integrated into one so that you don’t have to switch between tools. It offers comprehensive reports on Keyword Research, Backlink Analysis, Rank Tracking, etc. In this review, I shall discuss all of SE Ranking’s Tools in super detail…

Sign-Up Process

Before using their tool, you’ll have to sign-up for a 14 days free trial with them.


The Sign-Up Process was just like any other website. Enter your name, email or Sign-Up with GOOGLE. Next, you shall be in this kind of dashboard :

se ranking dashboard after signup

Here you’ll have to create a project and add your domain and Project Name.

se ranking project e1605095212565

Second, you’ll have to add your keywords which is the case with every rank tracker. You can either do it manually or import keywords from a CSV File. If you are a large site then you can download all your keywords from Google Search Console or if you are a new site then you can add them manually.

Next, you’ll have to select your search engine. SE Ranking allows Google, Yahoo, Bing and even YouTube. You can add up to 3 search engines.

se ranking search engine e1605095248617

Next, add your competitors and lastly, integrate your account with Google Search Console and Google analytics.

The setup process was very easy to follow. You can get it set in less than 5 minutes.

Rank Tracker

As the name suggests, SE Ranking is more of a rank tracker. Let’s discuss its rank tracking software first…

After Sign-Up is completed, you shall be in your dashboard. Click on the Rankings Button in your dashboard sidebar. Now, you shall be in this kind of dashboard :

The accurate rank tracker by SE Ranking

Here, you’ll get a detailed breakdown of your rankings. You can select between Search Engines and even recheck data for rankings. As you’ll scroll down, you’ll see where you ranked before and where you rank today.

keyword positions

On 10 Nov, I ranked No.4 on Bing for the search term free screen recording software without watermark and now I’m on No. 6.

When I checked my rankings on Bing, the data that SE Ranking showed was accurate. I checked one by one for each keyword and found my website ranking on the positions that the rankings tracker showed.

This confirms the fact that its data is reliable and 99.99% accurate (no tool can be 100% accurate!!)

An alternative that I suggest checking out is Accuranker.

Marks: 10/10

Keyword Research Tool

keyword research link seranking

To access the Keyword Research Tool, click the keyword research link. Then you shall come across this:

keyword research tool by SE Ranking

Here, you can select your country and enter your keyword. You can even conduct bulk keyword analysis (more on that later). For now, let’s take the search term, SEO and see its data.

It showed the following:

keyword data

Difficulty as IMPOSSIBLE, Search Volume, CPC and Similar keywords (you can expand this report by clicking on it). This is just like a typical keyword research tool. But there is one thing which sets it apart from other things and that is the LOW SEARCH VOLUME SECTION.

This section tells you low search volume and long tail keywords which you can target as a new site or incorporate in an old blog post. Overall, the keyword research tool was nice to use with all the basic features and some good ones to like the Low search volume section.


You can use SE Ranking for keyword suggestions in a different way too. In fact by using this method I discovered 5 – 10 amazing keywords to use in my blog post.

Here’s how to do it:

First of all, open the SE Ranking Keyword Suggestion Tool and type something in it. I typed keyword research.


keyword suggestions by seranking edited

When I entered the term “keyword research”, I saw some amazing keywords to include in my content which were keyword research tools and keyword research for SEO…

This is a potential long-tail keyword generator.

Marks : 9/10

Bulk Keyword Analysis

SE Ranking offers bulk keyword analysis where you can enter the number of keywords your account limit allows at once.

I entered the terms SEO, SEO TOOLS and SEO SERVICES and here are the results:

bulk keyword analysis

The Bulk Keyword Analysis was not much special. All it showed was Difficulty, Volume, CPC, Competition and Organic Results…

This can be improved a lot. Other tools like SEMRush show lot more data than this.

Marks : 4/10

Backlink Analysis

Link Building is the most important aspect of SEO and SE Ranking helps you top that too with its powerful backlink analysis tool. Just enter the URL or Domain of the website and you’ll get lots and lots of data.

Here’s how it looks :

backlink analysis

You get data upon new and lost backlinks and referring IP’s and lots more. On the free account you can run only 1 backlink report per day. You get graphs and charts showing all data. You can shift between time to see backlink data from last week to last year. You get the top anchors data too.

The filters are not very good if you want to analyze a large amount of data.

Their data was somewhat wrong and their backlink database is small too…

I analyzed Backlinko from SEMRush and SE Ranking. SEMRush showed 1.4 million backlinks and SE Ranking showed 887K backlinks. Also, their data was inaccurate.

SE Ranking is an OK TOOL for Backlink Analysis because of missing features and inaccurate data. If you want to conduct small analysis then this can be an option but for big analysis use something like Ahrefs or SEMRush.

Marks : 6/10

Competitive Research

Competitive Research is a good method for finding content ideas and even for seeing what your competitors are doing. When it comes to competitive research, SE Ranking has an amazing tool to carry it out. Put in your competitor’s domain and get his top keywords, total keywords, traffic cost and total traffic. When I analyzed my competitor,, I found the following data :

competitive research

When you scroll down a bit, you get to see new, lost, increased and decreased keywords. The data in this case was correct. You even get to see competitors and similar keywords overlapping with them. In the FREE PLAN, the data is limited.

Marks : 10/10

Website Audit

website audit

Website Audit is an integral part of Technical SEO and SE Ranking has an in-built website audit feature. It shows you major and minor issues and outlines your score as marks out of 100. You can download the report on your PC too. Most of the part of website audit is locked for paying customers. Some basic checks are conducted in the free trial.

Apart from that, you can see your crawled pages, their return codes and you can also compare your two last crawls.

The best feature is Page Monitoring. If you run a multi-author or multi-administrator website then you can add your website pages and you’ll be notified whenever an important change is made to your website. Like de-indexation, HTTP CODE etc..

Overall, if you really want to make something out of it, you must be a paying customer and their pricing is discussed further in this article.

White Label Tool

If you are a digital agency you can even white label SE Ranking’s software and make it yours. The White Labeling is very easy. Just set your Logo, UI Color, configure your domain and email and you’re all done!

To use the software with your own domain, you’ll have to add a CNAME Record in your Domain DNS Provider. You can customize your email template for people who shall request an E-Mail Report.

SE Ranking Pricing

Now, comes the most important part when choosing any tool. If a tool empties your pocket then it’s not worth buying…

SE Ranking Pricing is based on your needs. There is also a calculator to check your pricing plan. But I’ll list it here :

If you choose a 1 year subscription with rankings updated every 3 days then it has three plans :

  1. Optimum – $24.8/month
  2. Plus – $56.8/month
  3. Enterprise – $120/month

The best part about SE Ranking pricing is that it is flexible according to your need. Also, it is very cheap compared to other SEO Tools. This makes it a great option for anyone on a tight budget.

How it fares against it’s competitors?

Let us now compare this tool to it’s competitors like SEMRush

SE Ranking vs SEMRush

When it comes to rank tracking, both SE Ranking and SEMRush have a solid rank tracker which tracks ranking accurately. Keyword Research with both the tools was easy. Both the tools showed the same data although SE Ranking showed more CPC than SEMRush. SE Ranking showed more related keywords than SEMRush.

SEMRush showed a questions section which was missing in SE Ranking. SEMRush is better for those doing PPC Campaigns as it shows much more Ads related information than SE Ranking.

If you want to do Keyword Research for PPC then choose SEMRush but if you want to do keyword research for SEO then SE Ranking. Coming to backlink analysis SEMRush is much better than SE Ranking largely because of amount of data. In competitive research, both SE Ranking and SEMRush are the same. Website Audit by SEMRush is better than SE Ranking’s as it gives more detailed insights….

If you are a digital agency and want to white label these software, then you’ll have to pay :

SE Ranking : $56.8/month

SEMRush : $399.95/month

Final Verdict : If you want more features and can open up your pocket then go with SEMRush but if you want good features at a good cost then go with SE Ranking.

Pros and Cons of SE Ranking

I loved SE Ranking for its features and price but their are some setbacks too. Here I have listed the pros and cons of using SE Ranking :


  • Cost Effective
  • All-in-one SEO Tool
  • Accurate Rank Tracker with support for multiple search engines
  • Large amount of keyword suggestions
  • Competitive Research
  • Page Monitoring for multi-administrator sites


  • Hidden Charges for some tools
  • Small Backlink Database
  • Filters can be improved for larger analysis

Final Verdict

Well, here we come to the end. Now, I would recommend SE Ranking for bloggers and people on a tight budget. Don’t switch to SE Ranking if you are already using a tool like SEMRush.

It’s a good option for digital agencies looking to White-Label the software without paying a very hefty sum. SE Ranking is an amazing tool for all the SEO’s of the world. With a heap of features and being cost-effective, it’s a good buy….

Now, I would ask you :

  1. Which tool will you choose, SE Ranking or SEMRush or Some other tool
  2. If you are already an SE Ranking customer, how has your experience been?

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