10 Best Ubersuggest Alternatives: Better Tools for your site’s SEO

Do you need an SEO tool for your site’s daily SEO analysis and SEO tasks? Ubersuggest is a great option, but what if you don’t find Ubersuggest powerful enough for your needs? 

Not to worry! Today I’ll tell you the best Ubersuggest Alternatives for every budget for your site’s SEO!

These awesome SEO tools are used by the real pros for their websites! 

Let’s dive right into the list!

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1. Ahrefs


I know that every other blog post on the internet lists Ahrefs as the best alternative to Ubersuggest but that’s because of how awesome the tool is. It has the best tools on the market for competitive analysis, keyword research, link building, rank tracking, and SEO site audits. Ahrefs has the biggest index for links and keywords on the market. That big data is what makes the tool the industry leader. Ahrefs has a super clean interface which makes analyzing and finding data even easier. 

Ahrefs is better than Ubersuggest because it provides you with tons of more data and features. But it comes with a heftier price tag too.

Best Features 

  • Advanced Alerts
  • Weekly SEO Reports about your site
  • Largest index and fastest crawler
  • Tons of historical data
  • A unique content explorer
  • Complete SEO Suite


Ahrefs starts at $99/month and goes all the way up to $999/month.

ahrefs pricing

2. Mangools


Mangools is very similar to Ubersuggest. It has the same beautiful interface as Ubersuggest and is an all-in-one SEO suite. It has tools for Keyword Research, Link Building and Rank Tracking. Mangools has one of the best support among all the SEO Tools. The biggest problem with Mangools is that it doesn’t offer as much data as Ahrefs or other ‘PRO’ tools.

Best Features

  • Most accurate search volumes and keyword difficulty data
  •  All in one SEO suite
  • One of the best Local Keyword Research
  • Best Support
  • Pocket-Friendly Pricing


Starts at $49/month and goes up to $129/month. Also offers a 10-Day Free Trial. It’s great for beginners.

mangoold pricing

3. SE Ranking

se ranking logo

SE Ranking is a great all-in-one SEO suite. As the name suggests, it is more of a rank tracker but also offers tools for keyword research, backlink checking, and other tools. It has a great interface and offers great white label services. It also has the MOST ACCURATE RANK TRACKER on the market. It’s very similar to Ubersuggest and is getting improved constantly. The major problems with SE Ranking are that its backlink checker isn’t very good enough and its website auditor needs more advanced capabilities.

Best Features

  • Very Accurate Rank Tracking
  • Rank Tracking for pretty much every search engine
  • Great White Label Services
  • One of the best user experience
  • Offers a custom marketing plan for growing your site
  • Also offers social media tools for social media management


Starts at $24.8/month for weekly rank tracking of up to 250 keywords and goes up to $120/month. Also offers a 14-day free trial.

se ranking pricing

4. Serpstat


Serpstat is a great SEO analysis tool. Just like every other tool on the list, it is an all-in-one SEO suite with tools for SEO and Content Marketing. Serpstat’s dashboard isn’t as intuitive as Ubersuggest but still, it’s usable. Serpstat also offers in house SEO training and direct access to SEO experts for solving any of your queries. If you are on a budget, Serpstat also offers a FREE FOREVER PLAN for testing the tool out!

Best Features 

  • Complete SEO Tool
  • Great API for developers
  • Direct Transfer of all your data from your previous SEO tool
  • Great Keyword Research
  • Great support and resources


serpstat pricing

Starts at $69/month and goes up to $499/month. Also has a free forever plan which you can sign up for by clicking here.

5. SEO Powersuite

seo powersuite

Unlike Ubersuggest, SEO Powersuite is a desktop software. It has 4 different applications for Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis, Backlink analysis, Website Auditing, and also for Sending Emails and Link Building for your site!! Its fourth application called Link Miner makes it stand out from other SEO tools. It has one of the most generous free versions where they don’t limit anything except a few features for you! You have unlimited access to their tools, data, and searches on their tools! Even if you have a mediocre performing laptop, SEO Powersuite will run just fine on it!

Best Features

  • Generous Free Version
  • Fastest Rank Checker
  • Over 20 Different Types of keyword research modules
  • Direct Google Ads Integration
  • Link Building and outreach tool included
  • Accurate backlink checker with large index


Two pricing plans: $299/year or $699/year. Also offers free download.

seo powersuite pricing

6. LSIGraph


LSIGraph is different from other tools on this list. LSIGraph, unlike other tools, isn’t an all-in-one SEO tool. It’s only a keyword research tool for finding LSI Keywords for your topic. For those of you who don’t know, LSI Keywords are keywords which are semantically related to your content and help Google understand the content of your page better. It’s a great tool to find related keywords and use in your content!

Best Features

  • Helps find closely related keywords to your main topic
  • Helps you rank higher
  • Large database of LSI Keywords
  • Great for non-traditional keyword research


Starts at $27/month and goes to $54/month

lsigraph pricing

7. BiQ

biq home

BiQ is a tool I found very recently. It’s another SEO suite. BiQ offers tools for Keyword Research, Content Analyzing, Competitive Research and Rank Tracking. BiQ is an AI Powered tool and it has a beautiful interface too!

Best Features

  • Shows you related keywords, trending keywords, questions and content ideas for your initial topic
  • AI Content Analyzer helps you take your content to the next level
  • Reveals ALL keywords of your competitor
  • Easy to use Rank Tracker


biq pricing

Earlier BiQ used a pay as you go pricing model but now they offer monthly plans which start at $55/month and go up to $115/month.

8. SpyFu

spyfu home

SpyFu was originally a Google Ads Research Tool but now it comprises all necessary SEO and PPC tools. It’s what I would call a complete tool. It’s probably the only tool that offers UNLIMITED DATA on every pricing plan they have! Plus not many SEO tools have good PPC tools in them. SpyFu solves all these problems. From keyword research to backlinks, to PPC Keywords, to SEO Reporting, SpyFu has it all!

Best Features 

  • Best Competitive analysis
  • SEO + PPC Tools
  • Unlimited Data on all plans
  • Great Historical Data


spyfu pricing

Starts at $39/month and goes till $299/month

9. Growth Bar


Growth Bar is a SEO tool cum chrome extension that helps you analyze your competitors, find keywords, view advertising data, view backlinks and lots more. It has probably the best SEO Chrome Extension on the market.  What makes it unique from other tools is that it offers a content creation tool that helps you create blog article outlines and sets goals for each of your articles. Growth Bar is more for the beginner user than the advanced SEO user as it’s a simple tool which helps you in basic SEO analysis. Not much fancy things though!

Best Features

  • One of the cleanest interface
  • Offers a super powerful Chrome Extension
  • Great ‘AI’ Content Outline Generator


Growth Bar is not a super expensive tool. Pricing starts at $29/month and goes till $129/month

Also offers a 5-Day Free Trial

growthbar pricing

10. Google Keyword Planner

google keyword planner

The Google Keyword Planner can be a great keyword research tool. It comes bundled with Google Adwords. The Keyword Planner gives you keyword suggestions and also helps you find keywords of your competitor’s websites. It doesn’t show exact search volumes though which pisses many people off… It can’t be said as a proper SEO tool, but if you want lots of keyword suggestions to find and sort through, then you’ll absolutely love Google Keyword Planner.

Best Features

  • Completely Free
  • Suggests a long list of related keywords
  • Great for local SEO research
  • Data comes straight from Google so it’s accurate
  • Helps a lot in finding commercial keywords to target


Completely free to use. You need to start Ad Campaigns and do some expenditure on them to unlock exact keyword search volumes.

11. Answer the Public

answer the public

Answer the Public is another keyword research tool that suggests tons of keywords for your seed keywords. It shows you questions, alphabetical keywords, transactional keywords, commercial keywords, etc. It’s great for expanding your keyword list with keyword ideas that you can target for your site. 

Best Features

  • Shows you tons of keywords
  • All types of keywords are shown from informational to transactional
  • Visual Representation of all your data


Offers a free version. Paid Pans start at $99/month (quite expensive!) and goes till $399/month

answer the public pricing


So those were the 11 best Ubersuggest alternatives which you can consider if you are on a hunt for a better SEO tool! Ubersuggest is great. It has a great UI, tons of features and great support. But it might not be powerful enough for everyone to fulfil their SEO needs.

I hoped this article helped you select the best Ubersuggest alternative for you! If you have the money and want something powerful then go for Ahrefs or Serpstat. If you are on a budget, then you can choose between Mangools or SE Ranking or SpyFu. If you want additions to the keyword research capabilities of Ubersuggest, then Answer the Public and LSI Graph are great! BIQ is great for on-page SEO tasks! For on the go search data, go with Growth Bar and for a free tool, the GKP is great!

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