8 Best FREE WordPress Popups Plugins to Skyrocket subscribers

Do you want to know about FREE WordPress popups plugins, which shall help you create and manage popups on your site and capture visitor emails?

There are numerous options available but most of them are paid. So, how do you find a FREE Popup plugin for your site??

Today, I have curated a list on the 8 Best free popup creator software (plugins) for WordPress after great trial, testing and research. So let’s dive deep into it….

What are popups on websites? How are Popups helpful?

As the name suggests, pop-ups are a hidden part of a website which suddenly pop on your screen according to the conditions set by the admin. They are a good way to capture people’s email to drive extra traffic to your blog.

Popups can be of any types, like Login popups, newsletter sign up popups, popups to offer discount to users etc…..

With the emails captured with your popups, you can send out newsletters and freebies so that people come back to your site. This gives a good impression to Google.

Returning visitors are more important than new visitors because they are the one who are loyal readers.

And popups can help you convert more people into loyal readers….

Now, that we know the importance of popups, let’s move forward to the best WordPress popup plugins (FREE)

(The list is not ranked)

So let’s now move on –

Brave Popups for WordPress

Brave popup builder for WordPress

Brave Popups comes first on our list because it is probably the BEST FREE POPUP BUILDER for WordPress. This is a new and undiscovered plugin but it is very good…. It has an easy to use drag and drop popup builder and you can create unlimited popups with unlimited pageviews. Not only that, it also has amazing themes to build your popup on. All the features are listed below –

Features of this plugin –

  1. Drag and Drop Popup Editor
  2. Unlimited Popups with Unlimited Pageviews (FREE)
  3. Various elements in popups like Image, Video, Text, Link, Button, Timers, Carousel etc…. (8 in free and 18 in paid)
  4. Built in Copyright-Free Media Library for images
  5. Animations (Paid)
  6. They also have a feature to show related posts based on AI algorithm to your readers (Paid)
  7. Advanced Display Settings like whom to show, when to show, where to show etc…. (Limited in Free)
  8. A/B Testing Available
  9. Various modules like Embeds, Popups, Slide-Ins, Cookie Banners, Social Share buttons and many more available
  10. WooCommerce Popups Available Too!!!
  11. Analytics
  12. Real Time Notifications (Paid)
  13. Integrates with almost all mailing services


They have three plans – FREE, PRO and ULTIMATE

PRO – $59/year (1 website and All Features)

ULTIMATE – $199/year (Unlimited Websites and All Features)

You may visit their pricing page for more deep comparison.

Who is it for?

It is a good choice for bloggers because –

  1. It shows Related Posts, Increasing your avg. page on time and reducing bounce rate
  2. Autoresponder on subscription
  3. It can also create Instagram Stories based on AI (Cool and amazing…..)
  4. You can also create ADS for your site with it
  5. Social and Video Popups available….

Don’t get sad if you are an E-Commerce store because it is good for E-Commerce Stores because of the following –

  1. Special Woo-commerce Popups
  2. Latest, popular and best-selling products displayed to users
  3. Countdown Discounts

Popup Maker

Popup maker popups plugin for wordpress

Popup Maker is another undiscovered plugin with good capabilities. Many of you might confuse this plugin with the other “Popup Maker for WP” plugin, that is why I have added the WordPress Icon to this plugin and the link too. This plugin shall not allow you to create popups in WordPress, but in its website. (Sign up for their free plan here).

You can connect your WordPress Site with their Site using an API Key. It has spin the wheel and basic signup templates. All the features are listed below –

Features of this plugin

  1. Drag and Drop Builder
  2. Exit-Intent Popups available
  3. WordPress popup on click available
  4. Various popup targeting like device, source, geo-targeting etc..
  5. Countdown and Woo-Commerce Popups
  6. Various Integration


It has four plans –

  1. Silver Plan – $6.95/month
  2. Gold Plan – $14.95/month
  3. Platinum Plan – $21.95/month

The downside of this plugin is that it does not come with unlimited pageviews even in paid plans which is available in Brave Popups for free… Visit their pricing page for more info.

Who is it for?

It’s a good choice for bloggers and E-commerce stores as it allows to make sign-up, exit intent and spin the wheel popups.

Hustle Popups

Hustle popups

Next upon our list of free wordpress popups plugins comes , Hustle. It is an amazing popup creation plugin. It also offers different trigger features, pop-ups, slide-ins, embed sign up forms, social sharing buttons etc.. The free plan allows 3 popups, 3 slide-ins and 3 embed forms, whereas you can upgrade to their paid plan over here.

Features of this plugin –

  1. Fully Customizable Plugins
  2. No Watermarks
  3. Embeds, Popups, Slide Ins and Social shares buttons, all in one
  4. 10 easy to use and good looking templates
  5. If you buy the pro version, you get a whole bunch of more premium plugins from the developer
  6. Exit-Intent and various other trigger features
  7. Settings to select where to show
  8. Many integrations available


Their pricing is not for a single plugin but for all their 11 other premium plugins. Which means that it is a membership price for 11 plugins.

The have three plans – Personal, Freelancer and Agency

  1. Personal – $190/year
  2. Freelancer – $390/year
  3. Agency – $990/year

Check out their pricing page for more info.

Who is it for?

Its a good choice for bloggers because of the newsletter sign-up templates available. Although, it might not be as good for E-Commerce Stores…

Popup Builder

popup builder plugin for wordpress

Popup Builder is another plugin for popups. It has many features but most are paid. You can create simple popups with it without too much design. The downsides are that it does not have a drag and drop editor which can get tough for beginners. Design templates are not present at all. You shall have to invest in it to get the best results


It has three plans – Starter, Business and Agency

  1. Starter – $31.95/year
  2. Business – $71.95/year
  3. Agency – $119.95/year

All their paid plans include their premium extensions….

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Icegram Popups

Icegram popups

Icegram is another popup plugin which you can use. It does not have a drag and drop so you might have to switch between the preview and the editing screen to see your results. The templates are good looking but most of them are for E-Commerce Stores… Exit Intent is paid. To embed a sign up form in the popup, you will have to download a plugin called Rainmaker by Icegram.


  1. Popups, action bar, sticky bar, messengers
  2. Basic Targeting Rules
  3. Themes and Templates
  4. Two-step Optins to prevent Spam.


There are three plans – Free, Pro and Max

  1. Pro – $97/year (1 site with most features)
  2. Max – $147/year ( 1 site with all features)

They also have a lifetime membership for $187.

Who is it for?

It is more suitable for E-commerce Stores as most of its templates are related to selling and discounts. Therefore, E-commerce stores can buy it as for bloggers, it is not too good.



Mailmunch is an all-in-one platform for making landing pages, popups and email marketing. It features a drag and drop editor and has various targeting and trigger features. It also has beautiful templates you can customize although the best templates are PAID. All the popups are mobile friendly too.


  1. Templates and Themes
  2. Mobile Friendly
  3. Landing Pages and Email Marketing available
  4. Display rules and trigger
  5. 60 day money-back guarantee


They have 4 plans – Free, Essentials, Pro and Agency

  1. Essentials – $6.99/month
  2. Pro- $13.99/month
  3. Agency – Contact Personally

Visit their pricing page for more info….

Who is it for?

It is a good choice for both bloggers and e-commerce stores because of their themes and popup targeting features which shall suit the need of mostly all.

HubSpot Popups Plugins for WordPress

Hubspot plugins fot WordPress

HubSpot, a well-known CRM platform has a popup plugin for WordPress too. They help you create basic popups without any themes or templates though free. It has various trigger options to show your popups. Their will be a branding on the popups and you’ll have to upgrade to remove it…..


  1. Create popups and embeds
  2. Create follow up emails on popup submission
  3. Basic targeting and triggers
  4. Email Notifications for subscribers


The plugin is free to use although you will have to upgrade to a $40/month plan to remove the HubSpot branding from popups.

Who is it for?

It is recommended only for bloggers because it does not have advanced features and great designs needed for e-commerce stores

Powr.io – Marketplace and Popups Plugins for WordPress


Powr is another good popup creator for wordPress. You have to make popups on their site and embed them in your site. Also, it has an autoresponder to send automated email to subscribers upon joining.. Although, all popups come with their branding


  1. Drag and Drop builder
  2. Autoresponder
  3. Various other modules like countdown timers, photo gallery etc…


It has four plans – Free, Starter, Pro, Business

  1. Starter – $4.49/m
  2. Pro- $10.79/m
  3. Business- $71.99/m

Visit their pricing page for more details

Who is it for?

IT’s a good choice for both Bloggers and E-Commerce stores because of varied features and good themes and templates with various targeting features….


Concluding today’s article, we now know the 8 best wordpress popups plugins… These plugins serve their own functions and have varied features…

Each plugin is unique. Some with advanced features are good for Pros.. whereas ones with drag and drop editors are a blessing for beginners. Also this list gave importance to e-commerce stores too by looking at the plugins from their point of view…

The best thing would be to try all of these popups plugins for WordPress and then select the one which suits you the most. also, bookmark this tab in your browser so that you can refer to it whenever you want….

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Lastly, I have a question –

  1. Which popup builder will you try first?
  2. Which plugin looked as the most feature loaded and cost effective to you?

—Let me know in the comments below—

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